Ever had that wow feeling?

Im 22 and soon ill be 23, never had a boyfriend, had 2 crushes on guys, like total omg i think im in love but its really a crush because i dont know what being in love feels like. So lately I've been on several tinder dates just to get better at dating, loose the whole nervous butterfly feeling, but I've learned that i can't force myself to have that wow feeling, it hasn't happened ..and will it ?


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  • Not when your dating dudes you don't really care about

    • Well i go on dates in hope for it to be more


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  • GL on getting more and finding that wow but tbh i've never had that either. Only ever really had 2 girlfriends, realized after they were just crushes but was fun being with someone though eventually you just have to realize one day you will find that special someone. Till then enjoy the dates and just take them for what they are. A date getting to meet someone new. And if it happens it happens, if not owell.

  • you know what I can't even remember...


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