Does it always mean that he's not that into you if he doesn't keep in touch much after a great first date?

I'm pretty bad at judging this but it seems like most people would say that if a guy is distant after a date (no matter how great the date was) and if he's not all over you, he's not interested. Are there exceptions though? I had a great first date with this guy and he showed much interest throughout and kept extending the date by suggesting different things to do. In the end we made out for quite a while and he even planted a few hickeys on my neck. We also planned another date for next week before we parted ways and he seemed into the idea too. I have to say that he seems really smooth with pleasing a girl and all so I'm not sure if he's a seriel date or if he's just looking for a fling. However, I haven't heard much from him since the date except a brief exchange of emails on a team's performance that we're both following. I guess I'm a little confused here. Is he not really into me? Based on my past experience, only the not quite interested guys would become distant after the date, and their feeling already showed during the date. But with this one he was really engaged the entire time so I'm not sure what to think now...


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  • He prolly doesn't see u as girlfriend material. He enjoyed your company, but he prolly thinks u guys are not compatible.


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  • Yes he's not interested :(