What do you consider "classy"?

So if you started talking to a girl for the first few times, what would give you the impression that she's "classy"?? Like does it have to do with what she's wearing, how she talks, or just a vibe you pick up on in general?? Please be specific and explain how she dresses that makes the difference between classy and not? :) Are you first impressions of someone usually right when it comes to this?

Thanks and also free to explain how she presents herself too :)


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  • I'd define it as being intelligent, confident and charming but also doesn't show too much skin and uses make-up tastefully.

    Amy Adams
    Emma Watson
    Scarlett Johansson
    Zooey Deschanel


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  • She dresses, speaks, and carries herself well, sophisticated, intelligent, mature. Knows how to take care of herself, understands her emotions, etc.

    • Thanks for answering :) But what do you define as "sophisticated" as far as how she dresses?

  • dat ass is classy

    • Lol :) This is a serious question. What do you really think? :)

  • well i think a girl comes off classy if she has a princess mentality not like as in stuck up but like if she holds her self to a higher standard then most other women and she does not have to talk super proper i think its more of her actions rather then the way she talks and the way she dresses is pretty important to i like a girl with style i want her to be able to dress like a adult not like a 16yo girl


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  • i most def consider myself classsy.

    • :) What do you consider to be classy?

    • the way i talk, and carry myself as in the way i dress, and im pretty sure i give off a good vibe i hang with a lot of positive people so yeah.. :)