Is it fair for a guy to say to me he likes me, and he will call me when he isn't busy...but he calls/texts the rest of the world...?

he is always on his phone texting away, making calls, but he can't even give me his number or text me for the first time...

do I get rid of this jerk? or give him time when he's ready to date me? we both pretty much exclaimed we like each other...


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  • Why should you wait around for him to make up his mind? I don't think you ought to be anyone's 'convenience.' If he really liked you then you would be right at the top of his speed dial. In addition, he would make time to pursue you.

    The guy I had a crush on called me like every 2-3 weeks. Also, he wanted to go out with me but he was also too busy. Yet, he had time to go on vacation, hunt, go to football games. Guess what? He's gone! I refused to wait for him.

    The decision is yours. Good luck.


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  • Drop him, find someone who goes ape over you.


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  • yea same here. both know we like each other. he texts but not that much. knows I like him, pretty sure calls other people but not me? if you like someone you make time, effort. obv these guys like us but not sure, have other girls, etc. drop him. don't pay attention if he really does like you , he would make sure to go after you.

  • so your considering just waiting around until he possibly feels like calling/texting you? why? do you really want to be somebody's back up plan come on hunnie. ignore him and move on to other guys don't stand around waiting on a guy that's not interested