How and when to have the "relationship talk"?

I've been hanging out with this guy for about 4 months now & I have no idea where we stand. At the beginning we kinda had the talk but it was waaay to early & he was not for a relationship at all & said he doesn't care if i have other guys. He was completely detached & it was obvious he didn't care about me. A lot has changed since then. He lives 30 minutes away & works during the week so I see him usually every weekend when he comes to my town. We mainly stay at home which i dont mind sometimes hang out with his friends. We basically act like a couple, we laugh & have fun together have amazing sex, I've met some of his close friends & family we sometimes argue & fight get jealous & possesive over each other. There was a incident where he thought i was seeing other guys & flipped out a little bit but I reassured him that he's the only guy I want & he calmed down. Sometimes im positive he wants to get serious but other times i have doubts. Im unsure if i should have "the talk" because I dont want to seem desperate for a relationship & i keep thinking of the past when he Made it cleear he doesn't want a gf but then again I do because I don't know where we stand. Is having this talk a bad idea?


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  • Since you're ready then Yes. You don't want to be used. He shouldn't expect not to have "the talk" after getting possessive over you hanging out with other guys. Write him off as scum that just wanted a booty call if he's not interested and don't look back.


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  • yes i think its a good time to have that talk