Erm bit of a complected situation. Any advice?

Will try to simplify this.

My last relationship 8-9 years ago I'm 22
I like one of my Ex friends but I haven't spoken to my ex in years. i want to get into contact with the girl I like, I can't really ask my ex to introduce us. that would be wired "Oh hey haven't spoken to you in about 6 years can you introduce me to blah blah blah" but at the same time I don't really want to randomly add this girl and then she asks my ex about me once she sees we are mutual friends.

So any bright ideas? I know where she works. But where she works asking her out wouldn't work. lots of people around. and I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable at work.

I could try to play the "long game" and get back in contact with my ex but to be frank I've had enough of playing the "long game"


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  • You sound like a beta f****t . Just ask the chick you're interested in for her phone number.

    If she asks "Did you uesd to go out with so and so?" Say, "Yeah a long time ago."