I can never seem to get any guys interested in me, what am I doing wrong?

All my guy friends say I'm a really great girl, and that I'm pretty, and guys would be lucky to date me. So, why can't I get guys to flirt with me or want to be with me?


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  • Well it's hard to say because there's a lot more to it than just the details you mentioned (although those are plenty important too). But if guys truly feel that way about you, then maybe it's just a matter of letting guys come to you and that you're trying too hard. Some guys don't feel that they might deserve you, or maybe it's even that you're too much of a friend and being a guy pal, rather than a cute chick. There are all sorts of reasons really.

    I feel like I could answer you a little better if you were a little more descriptive about what experiences you've had that lead you to think the problem is with you, rather than the problem being with the guys that you like? Tell me more.

    • Yeah, sorry I left a lot out. It was one of those things I just wanted to get out. Thanks for your answer. I'm still in the same situation pretty much. haha. I think a lot of it is that I'm really shy, so guys take that as I'm closing myself off. hmm.

    • I hear you. Shyness can be hard to overcome sometimes, but if done in stages slowly, it's fixable. What specific situations do you feel shy in? I can tell you generally that it's a good idea to practice having eye contact with guys, talking to guys about normal stuff, and dressing up every now and then to have guys take notice of you. You have to look approachable, not stand-offish or anything.


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  • Awwwww, I feel so bad. First of all, SMILE. Even if I just met the girl and she gives me a gorgeous smile, that could spark all the attraction I need right there to make my move. But like these other guys said if you're too gorgeous many guys won't even approach you because they think,"I wouldn't even have a chance with her. " And you need to start flirting. It doesn't matter who flirts first. The only thing that matters is who asked who out first and that'll be him. Start teasing guys and before you know it, your text message box will full instead of saying "0" like it does now :)

  • The guys may feel that they are out of your league and that "your to good for them". Instead, they will go for girls with a lower social status or popularity. If guys won't come to you, then it may be time for you to come to who you want. If they don't want you, then ask them why. Feel free to ask your buddies that you know you can trust and will tell you true answers.

  • I agree that there are lots of details left out. Looks for example is a huge thing with guys. Depends on the guys too. What are they looking for? Do they think that you're super hot, or do they think you're just average?

  • "Oh hey its a lady" Ladies Man gigidy gigidy who knows who says stuff like that, how old are you?


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