Guys, do you like when your girlfriend plays video games or no?

I met up with my 5 female friends today for lunch, and we were talking about various things. None of them play video games. One girl hates that her boyfriend does, one girl's guy doesn't play video games at all and the rest are indifferent that their boyfriends play video games. I play video games, and sometimes with my guy and sometimes on my own.

I was wondering if guys like when their girlfriend plays, if so with them or their own games? Even if you don't currently have a girlfriend, would you like your future one to play or no?

  • Yes, sometimes playing games with me.
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  • Yes, but playing her own games.
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  • No, I don't like her playing games.
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  • No, I don't play games.
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  • I'm a girl, I like playing games.
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  • I'm a girl, I don't like playing games.
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  • I would love it if I had a girlfriend that would play video games. She maybe doesn't have to be thrilled about them. it would make me feel good because if she didn't exactly like them, the fact that she will still play them with me is nice. You will always make your S. O. feel good/happy when you do something they enjoy that you don't necessarily like. I can imagine that a girlfriend might not like them, but would still play them with me because I love them and she would probably be thinking more that she's spending time with me and that i'm enjoying it, which is more important and would probably make her feel good about herself too. I would shower any girlfriend with so much love and affection that would play VG's with me. Which that would probably just make her feel happy with the love, hugs, kisses, etc. just for that one simple thing. haha

    • Yes, I get what you mean. My guy also loves that I play video games, and shows me how much he appreciates me healing him in raids and stuff haha.

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    • I mean, you never know! well... I mean, you know of course, but other may not have that same result. haha even when they have tried everything! so then they just get frustrated. lol

    • Yep yep, that's true. Results may vary person to person.

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  • Many guys are gonna say yes because many guys love video games.

    The problem you'll notice girlfriends having with their boyfriend playing video games is the fact that the boyfriend's most likely addicted to them and plays them 3+ hours a day. There's plenty of situations where guys are even turning down sex to play a video game. One guy even told me online that he did and I've heard of more similar situations.

    While there are a few girls who just hate them without question, mosta the time it's because the guy literally plays so much and she feels neglected. This especially happens with guys who play the "MMORPGs" which are famous for crashing marriages. There's even groups online devoted like "Everquest Widows" where they all talk about how to handle their situations with an addict.

    • Right, I totally understand your point. My one friend hates that her guy is so into them, because he will come home from work, eat and play until bed time with not much talking with her, so she does feel neglected. She also has no interest in them, even though he wants her to play with him. But I get it.

      I play MMOs myself, and I heal (one of them anyways) the raid while my guy tanks or dps. I got inot the Heroes of the Storm alpha a while ago (a MOBA), and when he got the beta invite, I've been healing him in there as well. We set up a schedule, so that we spend an hour a night talking or whatever together, and one day, usually Sunday we spend going out like a date, and meeting up with friends.
      It's nice if a guy wants their girl to play with them sometimes, it can be really fun! Plus it could be good bonding... granted sometimes arguments and stress can occur. I have never heard of EverQuest Widows, but that is nice there is a support group, even online, to help out.

  • I'm pretty sure i'd like to have a girl that plays video games, but if she is not "serious" enough, I'd probably refrain from playing that much around her.

    I want a competitive girl. I want a girl that I could crush in a video game, talk smack about it, only for her to come back and destroy me. I want to be able to talk and receive so much trash talk it's laughable. I want her to be my most reliable teammate and my biggest rival.

    I say "I want", but in reality I would love any girl that is willing to date me.

    Knowing me, we would get into a fight over a score in a video game only for me to end sleeping in the living room... next to the console.

    • I can understand that. One of my favorite things is watching my guy play a co-op game with his buddies, they talk so much smack to each other it cracks me up. I usually play mmos or mobas with him, though so while he tanks or dps, I heal and we work together. I have destroyed him a few times in halo, though.

  • Oh yesss please play with me! :D

  • ohhhhh that'd be AWESOME basically

  • I like gamer girls ;)

  • YES!!

    A girl that can enjoy and play a video game is VERY attractive.
    Think about it... it's a shared hobby.

  • I like it when she plays game with me, even if she isn't vary good

  • As long as she doesn't obsese over play video games and has a social life, I dont really mind

  • lol i marry a gamer girl..

  • I used to be addicted. I kicked it. Not interested in going back, losing evening after evening, week after week, with nothing to show for it in the end except a gigabyte or two of saved game files.


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