How can I know where he's at?

How can I know where he's at? We've been on 3 proper dates and then I saw him tonight for much more of a booty call. Afterwards, he were chatting and he said I was only the second girl he'd been with since he broke up with his ex last year. I'd had him pegged as much more of a player. He asked me when he could see me again and I told him that I wasn't sure as I thought we were both in very different places. He told me to let him know when I'd decided. I'm very much wanting to date someone rather than just fuck and I feel that he's just looking for sex. But I'm not certain as he's very hard to read. How can I find out where he's at? Do I just need to ask him?


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  • Ask him to send you nude pics


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  • Just ask him if he is looking to pursue a relationship with you, or if he's only looking to be casual. If he says he's looking for something casual then explain to him that you are not. Just keep it simple.