😭Im about done with peoppe what do I do?

Okay so i was dating this guy for like 2 months and we were really in love and everyone could tell, and then he broke up with me all of a sudden because my friend doesn't like him he also told her to F*** off then he said F*** both of y'all so then i went to school and he instantly had a new girlfriend then a few days later he broke up with her and asked out another girl and she said no and then he asked another girl and she said no as well, (I still Love him btw) then my BFF asked if he still liked me and he said yeah and then she said well ask him out dumbie and then he said he already has a girlfriend he asked out 4 girls in 4 days and yeah i'm about done with people please give me advice💔😭


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  • At the risk of sounding like a dick, from the information provided, he most probably didn't love you. It sounds like he is young, confused and doesn't know what he wants. You're young, there is plenty of time for you to meet someone else, in your shoes i would forget about him and enjoy the time that i have with my friends. My mum always said it and i always thought she was talking crap, but your school years really are the best years of your life (although i have only experienced up to 22 years of age and university). Don't spend this time miserable and chasing after someone.

  • No dude falls in actual love at 15 coz if you love someone you dont care about other peoples opinions also you should tell your friend to keep her mouth closed at times coz I've been in a situation where the friend doesn't like me and its the worst feeling coz she would come first for me so why not the other way around
    your gonna meet loads of people... your life isn't over although it may feel like it

    • She didn't say anything to him he just asumed she didn't like him, because she never talked to him or anything

    • Maybe he just felt awkward around her?

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  • Ugh it was only 2 months I doubt it was love but rather than a lot of lust. He obviously didn't like you that much if he moved on that fast. He isn't worth it. Move on.