How do I go about asking?

I know this girl for about 3 months now. I like her and want to be more than just friends, I don't think she feels the same or at least she doesn't express it. We have not hangout yet. Should I ask her to hang out or to go on date with me? What should I do? I know that asking personally is the best way to show confidence. I am also throwing a party for my birthday in a couple of weeks, I invited her and she did said yes.

Also, can you ask a girl to hangout as friends through texting? (just curious)

I can call and ask too but I don't have much luck with timing, so I don't want to call while she is busy.


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  • I would actually ask in person, but if you must do it now, do it over the phone. If you miss her leave a message and wait for her to call back.


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  • yeah you can ask her through texting that's justified especially if you are friends. see how the party goes and to see if she shows signs that she's into you.


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  • Don't call it a "date" but ask her if she just wants to go do something. If you feel that it would make her more comfortable, as her to bring some friends.