Safe or at risk? Sex question?

I had sex the 14th of Feb, I have the implanon implant and at the time I had sex I also had the patch (birth control) on, he wore a condon at first but then he took it off and he came outside me. I had my period from the 25th of Feb - the 3rd of March. I didn't get my period on March and I haven't got it yet. Can it be that the 8th of March I went through a very difficult time and I started having panick attacks and was all stressed out, the 10th of March I started taking Lexapro and Rivotril Can my period be missing because of stress and the medications? Or because of the Implanon? Or could I be pregnant (that I think it's VERY unlikely)?


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  • It doesn't sound like you're pregnant, considering that he finished outside you and you were also using another form of contraception. Between the stress and loading your body up with multiple drugs/hormones (some of which are intended to regulate your period), I'm not surprised that your cycle is out of whack at the moment.


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  • See a doctor if you're worried about it.