How do I get a girl alone?

I want to ask out a girl, but I don't really want to do it with a bunch of people around. We only really see each other in one class, otherwise there are no other opportunities to see her. Help please?


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  • Go say Hi and ask her if she has a minute. go somewhere calm and talk ! Simple.


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  • You could just instead of asking her out right away actually get to know her and become friends first? This way when you do decide to actually ask her out you can ask her privately since you will know each other and be talking.

    My suggestion for you especially at your age is simply go up to her after class and say hey my name is (your name) I just wanted to know if I could get your number so we could talk? it's that simple and if she denies you it's not like as if you asked her out you simply just asked for her number, this way you can start to actually talk to her and she can talk to you and she can gain interest into you.

  • Trap her in an alleyway.
    Find her in the hallway, or walk with her out of that class.