Need advice on this guy please? A month since we talked?

We had a short fling or so I guess it turned out to be. He moved back home to anothet state. I know he's been busy going to school and work but still the texts got less and less. Anyway, week almost 2 weeks pass and then he reached out. I told him to try and keep in touch more or I'm move on. He told me he jus been busy but he was gonna try harder. Then I dont hear nothing from him for a whole month then I get a text today from him saying "hey". Why is he contacting me again? Did he change his mind? Or bored?


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  • He could just be board, but I would not spend too much time thinking about him. If was interested in continuing what ever it was he thought was going on, he would have been more involved. Losing touch, contacting, and then losing touch again is not a pattern of someone who is interested.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's probably messing with you. just ignore him. Don't respond.