Choose a Med School based on a chance at love?

I have been in love with my best friend since hs. he and I dated for awhile, but it didn't work out because we were too young. Now I go to school across the country from him and we still are best friends... we had a conversation a year ago about our relationship where he said that he thought about me every day and was crazy about me, but that he couldn't lose me as a friend and that it wouldn't work out long distance. He also said that I was his everything but that at that moment he was looking for his opposite, but maybe it would work out with us in a few years when we weren't so far apart. We talk almost every day now and he does things for me that no guy would do for a girl he doesn't care about. like when I came to visit he cleaned his apartment head to toe after working a 12 hr shift. He also shot off fireworks with me because I was gone during fourth of July and I really wanted to play with them so he saved some for me until I got back in August. Actions like these and people always tell me that he really likes me, makes me wonder if I should choose a med school now closer to him but maybe not as well ranked for a shot at a relationship with him. or should I just hope that after med school it will work out between us. I really like him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me, unless people don't agree.


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  • Never ever consider making decisions that involve BOTH college and your dating life. Don't do it.


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  • Overall I think that is a bad idea. Mainly because the best you could probably get would still not be enough to focus on a relationship. First, he said he doesn't want to lose you as a friend, second he is right that long distance doesn't work well, and third, you are talking about med school. You will have your hands full with school plus the point you are in a residency program.

    Relationships need time and energy. They need both people to be on board. Picking an option that isn't really giving 100% to the relationship and also not giving 100% to your career is kind of like the worst of both worlds. At least by picking a great medical school you are giving 100% to your career.