Why the guy told me not to add him on Facebook?

I proposed a guy with flowers whom I love a a lot. He refused at that time. He apparently shows me he doesn't love me. But he frequently calls me and talks with me for hours. Even few days back he said something harsh to me but the very next day he called me and said sorry. That day he asked me do I know any John? I said no but he is added with him on Facebook and he sent me a request, so I added him back. He replied me that he didn't like this act and that I must not add random strangers around; a girl's reputation is very important. I feel there's some hidden love behind his care and that day's apology. I mean he loves me too?


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  • ditch him asap before you become his personal yoyo toy. If he has no romantic feelings towards you and is only interested in your friendship, he should have said so... just rejecting you and then pulling your strings like that... you are giving him a pleasure of control over you


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  • He rejected you. He likes you as a friend, but it sounds like you are clingy, especially towards him since you love him, though it sounds like he doesn't.


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