Friends or something more down the line?

I'm interested in a guy who I've been talking and flirting with for almost a month now. He's a really nice guy who is quite shy and believes that I am out of his league. When we were about to have our first FaceTime chat, he suddenly texts me saying: "Hey, I like you but I'm not sure if I'm ready for anything other than friendship given that I live on the other side of the US (and i can speak from experience that long-distance is really rough), you are awesome and I hope we can be cool and hangout in the meantime." I was hurt, believing that I'd been led on. I texted back that if he wanted to just be friends, then I could do that. He then texted me: "Like I said it's just for the time being. Things could change." What does this mean? Is he still figuring out if he likes me, or is he just really not ready to date. Opinions to what I should do?


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  • He's just figuring things out. Stay in touch, be it might be wise to detach emotionally. Good luck!


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  • Long distance doesn't work, but maybe it will if you're both old enough and mature enough