Girls, I'm so inexperienced! Help?

So I'm dating this amazing guy and I like him a lot and he seems to want to take things slowly which is perfectly okay with me. But he's not a virgin and is very experienced and I am a virgin and I'm the most inexperienced girl in the world. Im also nervous about everything. I need help really badly! Thank you! :) (btw I'm 16)


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  • Don't worry if you're inexperienced! If he wanted to take things slow, let him. You don't need to rush into things. The best thing to do is to do what you are comfortable with doing, and stick to it. Sometimes we feel things 'in the moment' and regret it later. Just remember where you stand, and what you do and don't want to do and stick with it :) Tell him you want to take things slow, and that you're scared to do certain things too soon. Communication is key :)


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  • DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR PURITY FOR THIS GUY! It's not worth it! Save your virginity for your husband. He'll appreciate it sooo much! believe me:) I'm 16 too. There's absolutely NO shame in being a virgin. It's actually a great thing that you should be proud of! i know I am! It shows how strong you are. :) Just go slowly and when he pushes you for more (and he will), don't do anything you aren't absolutely 100% comfortable with.

    • Thank you so much. I'll defiantly wait. I don't know about marriage though bht that's just my opinion don't take it personally.

    • Lol hey, it's fine.

  • Talk to him about it. I did that with my bf. We were both fairly inexperienced. We talked about ways he'd wanna try and I researched lol. It all feels silly but in reality once the moment comes you don't think about it as much. And it comes very natural. While I don't believe in abstaining til marriage I do think you should wait until you've been together awhile.

  • u are so immature at this point you shouldn't even have a boyfriend like that its dumb just the fact that you had to ask and you dont have your principles in this already im 17 and my advice is as the same age we are worth it the
    Bible says wait until marriage no guy its worth more than God plus if he did that to you he is not going to take you serious you are still young imagine at the age of 20 if he finds another girl make him wait so he can value you

    • Alrighty then... I'm confused what just happened? Did you just a) push your religion on me and b) tell me that what I'm doing is wrong? You have no right to tell me any of those things.

    • i do i just did i didn't insult you what dont i have the right of saying?

    • plus i mean it in a nice way you will love how a guy will take you serious when they hear you are a virgin means you are not easy and someone to marry

  • Talk to him about it. It won't be awkward I promise

  • So what help do you want?

    • Well I feel like if be pressured and I don't know what to say if I'm not ready... or how to tell if I am ready

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    • You and him is just dating, Maybe he just doing it by taking advantage coz he know that you like him so bad. You just need to know him more.

    • little lady, its up to you if you're going to give in. But in my opinion, I dont have to give in because i am too young for this kind of experience, You have to enjoy your teen age period and not to give it all to the one you just dating.

  • Don't do anything you don't want to do its that simple. If you feel uncomfortable for even a second don't do it.

    • I feel like I'm not ready but I don't know if j ever feel like I am so I should just do it because I'd feel so bad and I don't want to lose him

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    • Thank you I do too and I hope he understands but if not... I guess it's not meant to be

    • Yes! You should never have to change to please someone! If it's meant to be everything will workout for you and him both! And if you don't really know how to tell him. Just say that you don't want to... That should be enough. A no is a no. He should respect that if he really loves you.

      Much love sweetie!