Girls, do you ask your boyfriend for favors often?

How long have you been together and how often do you ask him to do things for you? Also what types of favors are they?

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  • All the time
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  • A few times a week
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  • A few times per month
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  • They all do and if they tell you they dont They are really just friends


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  • We both do little favours for each other, sometimes we ask, sometimes we just offer..

    Like, the other morning he needed to get some stuff done so he asked me to make breakfast, and I did. Then later that day I asked him to rub my back a bit because it was hurting from my period, so he did.

    Can't think of any big favours though. Mostly we just try to so nice things for each other. However, I know if I do need his help with something ever, he'd be happy to do it if I asked.

  • I'd ask for favors a few times a week. Nothing too big.