How long have you dated someone you just weren't that into?

say you dated someone you liked. got to know them more and just weren't THAT into them.ya know like "hes just not that into you".

sometimes I worry my boyfriend isn't that into me but we've been dating 6 months and he has no issue being id like to hope that isn't the case


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  • I lasted about 3 and a half months dating someone I just didn't like, and the reason it lasted so long is because she really really liked me so I just tried to fool myself.

    If he has gone 6 months... I am assuming that he does have some sort of connection to you. Talk about it if things feel too weak.

    • Well I think he likes me, but he isn't THAT into me. but idk. I've thought that about exes before and it wasn't true


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  • the longest I've ever dated someone even though I didn't really like them was lie 2 1/2 months. I liked them at first but as I started to get to know them things changed. Which is why sometimes it's better to just start out as friends so if it does come to not being into them, no one really gets hurt.

  • well to be honest I coukld date them for ages but just keep them on and off when I'm bored il text them if I have no one els il text them or ring them. il go and meet them just won't bother with them for a while because I have someone els and when I'm bored of that person il go back to the other one