Why doesn't he call between hanging out?

I met this guy online and we have been seeing each other for about a month and a half (no exclusive talks or anything yet). We live about 35 minutes from each other so it can be hard to get together during the week between our work schedules and his hockey schedule 4 nights a week. When we do see each other, things are good - great conversation, holding hands, cuddling, kissing (nothing more), etc., and we actually go out on 'dates' rather than just staying in all the time. The thing is, after we hang out, I don;t hear from him for between 4-5 days when one of us will call to set up another time to get together (it is usually him to call but I have in the past after getting annoyed that I hadn't heard from him yet).

So my question is, why doesn't he call in between our dates? My friends keep telling me that if he was really interested, he should call at least to say hi, even though he is busy almost every day. Also, how can I bring this up and possibly lead into 'the talk' without appearing too needy this early on?


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  • I would slap you in the face if I were him. You sound like a dirty girl.


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  • Maybe you are not the only girl he is spending time with? Your friends are right, I think if he were really interested in you and wanted to be your man he would be checking up on you more. Right now he probably sees it as dating, nothing serious. I wouldn't bring up the fact that he doesn't call often, just let him know you want to be more serious and see what he says.