My family doesn't approve of my dating anyone out of my race.

I have recently become really good friends with a guy that I work with. he is Mexican from mexico and I am white. he doesn't speak very good English and I don't speak very good Spanish but we can understand each other. the problem is that last week he made a move and gave me a necklace and asked for my number. I gave it to him and since then he has called me every night and I see him everyday at work. my family doesn't approve of my dating anyone out of my race. they also feel like I need someone that can support me better than he can. I don't want to lead him on into thinking we can be anything else than friends until I am sure what I really feel for him. I am so torn because he makes me so happy I always have a smile on my face around him but then my family is very important to me. what do I do about him in the mean time? have I already let him think more since I answer when he calls and accepted the necklace?


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  • You are right in wanting to wait before you know how you feel about him. Unless you are sure you have feelings for him, I wouldn't suggest putting too much pressure on your family about this.

    It is sweet, though, that he bought you the necklace and that you two are still finding a way to communicate with each other. Just let him know that you need to take things slowly to figure out how you feel. I'd hope that eventually, if you do like him, that your family will accept that.


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  • w/e your heart say

    • From the guys point of view...would you think that I was wanting to date you if I had accepted the necklace and talked to you on the phone every night when you call? or would you consider that a good friendship?

    • In my view I would think that you would want to date

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  • Well, if he makes you happy then you can date him a while but try not to get too lovey him or he might even ask you to marry him. I agree to staying with your race but if he makes you happy then stay with him and don't make your life miserable.

    • I also agreed with the race thing before I met this guy. I just don't want to lead him on and I am scared I have.

  • I don't think race should matter. Why should it matter, talk to your parents about this and tell them how you feel?

    You have already made it seem you are interested in this boy, if nothing is going to happen, you have to tell him and the sooner the better as he'll be more hurt if you lead him on.

    I hope this helps!

    • Idk that's what I am scared of is that I have showed being interested to much. I do talk to him and we smile at each other at work but I am trying harder to talk to everyone at work and not just him like I used to. I really don't want to hurt him he is the sweetest guy I have ever met.