What does it mean when a guy says "you're cool to hang out with"?

I was texting this guy I like and finally got the courage to ask him, so what do you think of me? And he said so... Your really cool to hang out with does that answer it? ... I want to know should I give up hope or should I keep asking questions/trying? Of course not trying too hard that is haha.


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  • I say just ask him the question outright. none of this p*ssing around with words. then you will know for sure. and if he says no then no big deal, what have you lost? nothing.


What Girls Said 1

  • Mmm, I think that was sort of a let down. He basically described a friend, he obviosly got the message your intersted. and he like you and was too shy too make it clear, he'll find a way. You howeer should chill back, you don't want to make two moves in a row, it'll be too much