Is this considered a date or just friends?


So I've known this girl for a couple of months and some of my friends think she's hitting on me. So I got her number recently and we get along well. I decided to call her (finally) and I said at the end of the convo "hey so we have no classes Monday at 11:30. Was wondering if you want to go get a coffee with me? You can say no if you want, I wouldn't mind" and she said "sure why not. Is that Monday at 11:30? Ok sure. see you then! Bye"
I've asked her once before and she said she was busy that week but she will talk to me again about it. This is the second time I asked and she said yes.

Is this a date? Or just a friendly thing?


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  • Just Friends
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  • she definitely knows you're interested, so keep it a friendly thing for now and hopefully it''ll work out


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