Is there anything left or is it time to move on?

Been with my boyfriend for a few years now. He works out of town often. I thought perhaps we had a good relationship. Now, I am burnt out. He does not call me but every four to five days, if I don't call him first. Here lately, when I do call him, his excuse for not calling is that he has been busy with work. But yet, he has time to call friends/family, or at least that is what he says. He says that he will call me more often than he does (I haven't said anything to him about calling infrequently), but that is a lie. Nothing has changed. He says that we are fine but he seems so distant and he seems a little grouchy when I do ask if everything is okay. Burnt out with him. He makes me feel like I am nothing. He doesn't have time for me and I am sick of feeling like I am beneath him, his friends and his family. (He does make time if he wants sex or something that is important to him, otherwise, I am just a rug he travels on). How do you address the situation? How do you tell him that it is time to move on or that you are burnt out? There really isn't anything else, is there?


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  • You are dead on. Time to move on. Just tell him straight out, like how you listed it out here. Be firm and shut the door. Move forward and choose to be happy in the moment, every moment. You/we deserve nothing less, and if you are a second or third priority... then good riddance. Wish him well, but with someone else.


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  • Just tell him you Aren't happy and he doesn't treat you good anymore. Let him go. Find someone who treats you better.