What have people who caught a great significant other in their late teens/early twenties done right in their lives?

I've had social problems in the past, worked on it, and I now have a group of friends, and coworkers both male and female that I chat to every now and then and no one is turned off by me in any way. But every time I meet a girl in my appropriate age range (early to late twenties) who seems great, she is engaged or married and has a story about how they met in their late teens or early twenties. One of my coworkers is together with his girlfriend for the last six years. I would flirt with and make comments to random women to fill the void but it only gives me a fleeting satisfaction. When people talk about relationships, I feel like leaving the conversation. It just seems much harder to meet someone now than it would have been in my late teens or early twenties if my social skills had been better.


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  • You can still do it there's so many single people out there and most people meet their SO through college and jobs


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  • It can happen, trust me. I didn't meet my girl until after high school, on a vacation. I didn't even know she existed, and by the way, its a long distance relationship. Trust me, you'll find someone, whether you try or if it just happens somehow. Maybe some girl will ask you. You never know. Life is unpredictable. Just be you.