Should I date abroad?

I met this girl a few days ago while hiking. We became quick friends and started going places with each other (with other people). I'm starting to really like her, but she's in her early 20s and I'm in my late 20s, so that fact alone is making me feel like a creep. It gets more complicated. We are both living in a foreign country. She is only here for a few more months before she moves back to her native country. She wants to come back here, but has no definite plans. I'm here for a longer haul. She's a really sweet girl and for some reason, seems to like me (in which way, I don't know). Should I pursue a relationship, or just keep things platonic until I know she's coming back?


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  • I'm of the belief that if you like someone tell them. See what she wants, and if you agree on a relationship, don't set your expectations too high for how long it will last and future plans. You never know what could happen!


What Guys Said 1

  • You should hook up now. You can sort our relationship titles later.