How did you meet your significant other?

And what attracted you, or made you like or love them?

Just want to know how people meet each other : )


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  • Its a long and confusing story. We met at a party and my boyfriend liked my friend and they were kinda dating but only like those little fling things and I liked his friend and we were just talking. Finally they "broke" up and the kid I was talking to stoped talking to me. Me and "my future" boyfriend starting talking to each other, but I didn't realize he liked me, I just liked having someone to talk to on the phone. After a while I started getting feelings for him and he finally told me he liked me and had liked me ever since he first layed eyes on me at the party. So I asked my friend if it was okay to talk to him since they went out like 6 months ago and weren't even serious. She said it was fine and was happy for me. So me and him hung out and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and my friend blew up on me and said I stole her exboyfriend when I remember specifically asking her if I could talk to him. We've been together for one year and 4 months. We live in separte states 25 minutes away from each other. He quit weed, cigarrets, and porn to be with me because he was afraid they would get in the way. Were happy and in love. Me and my friend don't talk anymore, but I got a total sweetheart.


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  • We were introduced by a mutual friend at a social event. I was initially attracted to his intellect, but I fell in love with him for his kindness.


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  • Highschool - walking between classes we would exchange notes w/o talking verbally. (EVER)

    - One day she returned to town and we began dating. Unfortunately we are currently broken up because I am seeing more and more red flags (She is trying to date other men --... enough said)

    I fall deeply for those fairytale moments (someone coming back from moving to a different state to ask you out, etc) - I hope I can find another fairytale =)

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