I need to chill with this crush thing?

Okay, so I'm in middle school, and I have three crushes... I can't really help that I have THREE, but my crushes are kinda the problems. The first we'll call Percy. I honestly have no idea why I like him... And he's mean to me! In advanced social studies, I got something wrong and he stared at me and said, "Who got that wrong? So easy!" Like, he's REAL mean, but I forgive him. The next boy, we'll call Luke. I don't really like him. He has regular classes and I have advanced, so we don't see each other unless we have exploratory together. He's almost always around, but he's not friends with me or my friends, an he stares at me a lot. I was wondering, what do I do about that? Kinda creepy. Finally my last crush, we'll call him Tom. I've had a crush on him for the longest. We met in a tball team, when we were like six or five and seven years later we meet again, and I liked him back then, and I like him now. The only problem with him is, he thinks I'm really shy. He asked me if I was still in his English class, and I was, but he didn't see me cuz I'm quiet. Please help. I can't get over the first one for some reason, I'd like Luke to get over ME, and I don't want to look to shy, but I can't help it in front of Tom (I think Tom is my real crush but idk) thanks.


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  • ok starting with the mean guy/bully Percy stay as far away from him as possible he sound like trouble i have no clue why but girls are always attracted to the bad guys then when it ends badly all they want to do is cry cry cry boo hoo just don't go there and ignore him. The second guy Luke thats easy one write him a letter nicely tell him how you feel and politely ask him to not stare at you easy peasy. Now for the 3rd guy Tom come up with a way to get him to ask you out have lunch or something chill and hang with him just dont be to pushy make him think everything is his idea and to get over the shy part talk to him like you would talk to your best friend dont think about how much you like him if it helps and love notes and poems might help too Good Luck


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  • Hey man, multiple crushes aren't a bad thing. I currently have a crush on at least ten different actors and musicians. You're good.