Did he loose interest in me because I'm too shy?

So this guy is 2 years older than me. This year, he went to collage and I'm still in highschool, I only see him at parties. When we were together in highschool, he used to look at me a lot and sometimes even stare. My friends always said it was obvious that he liked me, but I was never sure. At parties, he used to ask me weird questions like: do you have gum? Or: the cocktails are delicious ( i had to pay the cocktail he offered myself). On fb we chatted sometimes and I asked him to go for a drink together. He asked me if I sent the message to him by accident... What? On the other hand, I always asked my friends to look at him to know if he looked at me. I rarely dare to look back myself. On parties, I waited for him to come to me. I'm really shy and always waited for him to make a move you know? There are many examples where he gave me attention and I was just too shy to flirt back, but I won't sum them op now. Anyway, since a little while it seems like he lost interest in me. Is it because I never made a move ( only that message on fb)? I just can't seem to get over him...


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  • I think you're too young to be drinking and looking at college dudes who'll just fuck you around, the shyness ain't even the issue.

    • In my country, its legal and normal for me to drink. Many of his friends of the same age have serious relationships with girls my age. Its normal here so... -__-

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    • thanks, old wise man

    • It's good you have the natural inclination to be prey, otherwise where would flaky college dudes be without girls like you? lol


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  • he probably lost interest. if he tries to flirt again with you, go with it! :P

  • Then make me a movie you dumb fuck.

    • Thanks for the help, you rude ass bitch

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  • Well there's 2 possible answers to your question 1.) maybe he did lose interest in you or 2.) maybe he wants YOU to make another move