I think my friends sister likes me but I wanna make sure before I ask her out?

So I've kinda had a little crush on my freinds sister and I feel she likes me to but I wanna know before I take the big plunge of asking her on a date.

So we are always talking and seem to see eye to eye on a lot of topics. She is very good woman and that attracts Me the most about her. So she took the initiative and asked for my number. so of course I gave it to her. That same night we went out for coffee and after we just sat in the car and talked for like a hour and a half until I had to leave.. buy the whole time she was stroking her hair and a couple times she was rubbing her legs with her hands. I felt we connected but I don't wanna mistake her motions for her just being comfortable with me.. i know body language says a lot so am i reading this right or what. Also we were texting a little bit after that night nothing to flirty because I am still kinda hesitant about taking the leap to talk to her because of the friendship me and her brother have.. so please let me know what you think


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  • The only way to know for sure is to ask!

  • ask your sister about it so it won't be weird