How Do I know if a woman wants to be kissed?

I have two questions here:

What is the signs a woman wants to be kissed, I am going out with a woman again and i am not that great at reading womans cues.

and the next question is: How would you girls find it if a guy said to you while you were on a date that he would like to kiss you?


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  • Usually women who want to be kisses will look in your eyes and/or at your mouth. Shy girls might do that and look down and smile or blush.
    Start leaning in slowly like you are going tokiss her and see her reaction. If she leans away or starts looking around the room she doesn't want you to. If she wants it she will either stay there or will lean in also.


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  • It's a little hard to describe but when a woman wants to be kissed she will make it easy to kiss her. She will move her head closer and turn her face to yours and tilt her head a bit so that all you have to do is move your head a little and finish the job. But it's no great tragedy if you try to kiss her before she's ready.

    As soon as you stop worrying about picking the wrong moment, it will become much easier to spot the right moment.

  • I simply initiate a light physical touch and if she is receptive I take it as a sign that she is interested in more. My old tactic is that I "suddenly" notice how nicely her nails are done and I ask her to let me see them closely. I take her hand and act like I really care about her nails but I probe her reaction instead. If she pulls her hand back quickly I take it as a sign that it's too soon. If she is receptive to me caressing her fingers then I know we will be kissing soon.

  • Don't tell her you want to kiss her. Just go for a kiss at the end of the date. If she turns her head or pushes away, she's not interested, so delete her number and move on.