I put in all the effort please read details?

Need advise! Me and my boy friend have been dating a little over a year now. When we first started liking each other, he used to always text me goodmorning/goodnight and made plans for us to hangout with each other on dates or wherever. but ever since he's been in a relationship with me it seems that I'm always the one calling him everyday/making plans and I'm really scared to loose him because I don't want to feel lonely. My friend (girls) are usually busy and another reason is because I really love him! I've told him the way I feel about this situation, but he always says "well I'm busy" but when ever I call he always picks up... (If that tells you anything.) I know he doesn't cheat because we do hang out pretty often, I always go through his phone time to time when we do spend time together and when I call him he tells me what he's doing and I usually hear what's going on in the back ground. But the point is, (with out trying to seem clingy) what do I need to do to get him to put in more effort to call/tell me I love you/plan?


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  • It sounds like he has gotten to comfortable and he is just leaving it up to you because it is easy. As to his to get home to do it again just keep telling him how you feel about it and if that dose not say him its time to move on or suck it up pretty easy. This that is harsh of me to say.


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  • He is actually busy. Tell him to arrange a couple of dates