Do you mind? (guys)

Would you date a heavy girl? why? or Why not?


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  • You ask this question quiet often, do you? ;-)

    Damn it, be confident, girl! There are guys who do, because they find it sexy. There are guys who don't, because they simply do not find it attractive. There are those who're willing to look at the person behind your facade and there are those who will only judge you given your outer appearance.

    Every person is able to meet his happy one next to him/her but some just gotta wait longer or search closer to find this special person. Not everyone is gifted with beauty :ß (and I count myself to those not gifted people ;-))


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  • It really depends how heavy. In my experience a lot of overweight girls also complain a lot. They blame not just their weight on extrinsic factors, but also that their life is out of their hands, things like what job they want, things they want, boys treat them like crap, no friends etc...

    Being around negative people suck. I'm not saying all overweight chicks do this, but a lot do.

  • I would not mind, I'd just ask that she at least try a healthy lifestyle since I do the same. And that's not a translation for, "your heavy, you need to workout". No, I think being healthy is something you should do for yourself and your partner.

    I've dated a few heavy girls in the past, and it didn't bother me one bit.

  • I don't think I would.

    More than half of my mom's family are overweight, many of my friends are overweight too. I have not problem with being overweight, in fact I was a little overweight three years ago.

    But the reason why I would not date an overweight girl, is because I'm just not attracted to them. In fact I like the opossite of overweight which is underweght, (not anorexic though) but yeah. My mom is overweight too, and my dad says he doesn't want her to loose the weight because he would stop loving her. I don't think he really means it but this shows how much he loves her the way she is. My best friend just married, he is average and her wife is heavy. He told me I was crazy cause I liked underweight girls, but I can't help it. Different guys have different likes and dislikes.

  • I'm very visual. I need some physical attraction between us. I don't find any of this link attractive, it actually turns me off.

    The only real difference I see between a beautiful women who is a bitch, and an nice obese women, is I would like to be friends with one, and not the other.. Besides that I wouldn't want to date either one.

  • i would date a heavy girl =]


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