Is this a bad sign?

Well, My date and I were texting for about two weeks and everything seemed great. We asked each other questions and we share a few common interests. It was looking good overall but then I notice that he still didn't think I liked him. I mean we haven't been on a date and we started talking two weeks ago. We stopped texting yesterday and I don't know if we will text today. He told me that I seem guarded but that's normal to me. Is he being pushy or what?


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  • he's not. Just show him you like him. If you want him to make the next move then show him you're interested

    • True but he hasn't texted me so I guess it's too late...


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  • I dated someone not too long ago where we texted and then went out. He talked about wanting to go out again but never texted me when he said he would. It's been over a month but idc.

  • but what do you expect him to be? your boyfriend? then why you think he is pushy?