How long would it take for a girl to have a new sex partner after a break up? I was in a 2 1/2 year relationship that ended in August. She left me because the "spark" was gone. We have not spoken since, and I wonder if she's been with anyone sexually since. Could I have some feedback ladies? I just really miss her, but I should get over her. I know she gets a lot of male Facebook attention and parties a lot.


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  • How long did it take til YOU got to sleep with her? in the beginning.

    That is probably how long it will take for her to sleep with a new guy.

    I'm sorry for what you're going through..

    Some people are just so ungrateful.. and they think they can leave and do "better". But the truth is,

    YOU deserve better, so, be glad it's over, and don't worry about who she's with.


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  • you should get over her and this is why I am saying this: she has prob. already had sex. Typically girls go to another guy to get the validation that we are a good person to date, and sleeping with someone new REALLY helps to get over the last guy.

  • I'm pretty sure she has slept with at least one other guy. And like enlightenment said, sleeping with another guy really does help you forget about the last guy. Me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up back in january and I slept with another guy I believe about 2 months later. Felt bad that he was pretty much a rebound but that happens I guess. I would suggest just getting over her and find someone new. She's probably not worth the time you're taking to wonder about if she is sleeping with anyone else. Breakups are hard and someone always gets hurt, but you'll just keep hurting yourself if you don't forget about her and move on. Best of luck to you.


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  • i know you said ladies but I think she probably did cause she probably try look for that spark again in some other guy. especially if she goes to parties.

    • Shes a total attention whore. She never got attention from guys before me either. Like is recently attractive.

    • I kkow what you mean, the girl you go out with always looks better after break up going through break up now ir sucks but take it day by day