Hey, kinda weird question?

So me and my girlfriend have this thing we do when we're in "the mood" but not with each other, we role play through text, like we'll say what we'd say to each other and what we'd do to each other and stuff. Well, I found out that my girlfriend did this with another guy... It wasn't meant to he sexual the role play was them going to the movies as friends... But then the guy made it sexual and my girlfriend didn't stop role playing.. She did stop the sexual stuff and said she had a boyfriend and stuff but that just hurt a lot. That's our like sex thing and she did it with another guy... I feel hurt and betrayed... She knows and no longer talks to the guy, and before you call me controlling I'm not, she told the guy they could no longer text but be friends in real life, he went crazy and said he'd kill himself if she left him, I told her to not talk to him then and she agreed. I still feel hurt she'd do our thing with someone else... I love her, and think I might be overacting but I don't know how to stop feeling bad.


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  • tell her how you feel.

    • I did. She doesn't talk to that guy anymore. I still feel hurt by it.

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  • I don't see what she did wrong. As soon as it got sexual she stopped and told the guy she has a boyfriend. She was being faithful to you. The rest is just playful texting. I think you are being over sensitive and over reacting to this.

    • Me too. It was just our thing, you know?

  • maybe he said "i'll kill myself" in order 2 draw her attention? :S

    • Yes. It's been a week and he keeps spamming her fb wall with selfies... She had to block him.