Is it just a sex thing? or could he like me for real?

okay well I had my 1st photo shoot with this guy whom I found on a site I was a member of, he is such a lovely nice and genuine guy, and flirted with me and was really great making me look amazing, he text an mailed me after, and I ended up going again but I felt and looked on edge, he noticed an cos he found it cute gave me a hug an well we ended up having the most amazing sex, and as much as it was in my head that I'm probably not the only one I couldn't stop it! I ended up staying and waking up in his arms an him smiling saying good morning, we both left for work an he has stayed in touch ever since its not like we live close enough to meet up all the time. he sends me nice messages and also sexual messages an tells me about his shoots since with other girls, an its like he's not trying to upset me, not we are meeting on monday an I know we will end up having sex again but I'm not sure if it is just about the sex for him? please help me!

oh and also he wants to take me away and has not mentioned that its a dirty weekend he said it would be nice for us both and its his treat? arrgh!


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  • At this point it is just about sex. The way you will know it isn't is when he tries to date you and it isn't just about sex.

    • But this is a date he has asked me to come for on moday he is older than me he is 31, I'm so anxious woried and also excited and it truly sucks lol thanks

    • Only time will tell. Photographers of pretty girls have a notorious reputation. You are having sex now. Relationships are about emotional connections and that takes time. Many times having sex before you have an emotional connection can be a big mistake. But you are already in this so just enjoy it and see what comes of it.


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  • Shouldn't worry about it. Just make sure you don't become emotionally or physically dependent. Always remember to think with your own brain. If you click together, nothing else will matter. Don't worry and don't rush anything. If it turns out he just wants sex or playing games, you won't be hurt or lose self confidence because you never became dependent on him. Think of him more as a friend than a lover for now. Best relationships start with just friends. x

    • Thats the thing I just think of him as someone I fancy! and its doing my brain in because he is my photographer! but I don't wanna get hurt at all so I'm kinda wondering if he could like me with out the just seeing me as just sex! it was purely and honestly never ment to happen! he said this to but continues showing intrest very confusing lol thanks for ur help

  • Most definitely just a sex thing. Sorry.

  • Try to feel him out, be discerning in the way he talks about sex, and the way he talks about interests, mainstream things(friend stuff). Be observant.

    • Its both nice and seems genuine but also he is very turned on by me and I'm so totally confused I have asked a few mates and one thinks its sex the rest kinda see the same as me

    • If you don't feel uncomfortable with things as they are, then continue to "go with the flow", as it were.

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