If I'm in college do I need to ask a girls age before I ask a girl out?

It's really hard to tell how old some girls are. Also I look really young in person. I like this girl but have no idea how old she is because she is really short and young looking. Do I need to ask is that weird?


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  • It's weird if you say it in a weird way lol.

    • Hey how old are you? I don't seem like a pedo when we go out on Friday . How's that lol 😂

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    • @asker well you are jumping ahead of yourself.
      If you can't be social then forget the whole dating thing.
      Focus on just talking to girls and being friendly.

    • I can be she is just always with her friends. I plan on asking her to go swing dancing. In front ok of her friend too super scary.


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  • You can just ask what year she's in. If you're senior, avoid freshmen etc.

  • No because eveyone is at least 18 which is leagal... But it's still good to ask.

    • Not to mention everyone can't drink (though they do anyway) and people go back to college so they might over 22.

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    • Why are you frowning... There's nothing wrong with that you're more likely to have a long successful life. Don't follow the crowd.

      But yes it's good to mention your age if you're going to form a relationship or go on a date. If you're just at a party or at school it's not necessary.

    • Meant to have look like I was shrugging or confused wrong emoti lol anyway thanks makes sense 😊

  • Just ask her out.


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