What am I doing so wrong?

I know the only people with the real answer to this question are the women I've dated, but since getting women to actually tell the truth is near impossible I've taken to the webs. I see people getting married all around me, which is the only thing I've ever wanted. Conceited as it may sound, I feel I have some of the same qualities as them, if not better, yet every woman I date just stops talking to me randomly. I've tried everything from being myself to being a douche bag to being a sappy romantic. Nothing works. If I'm too clingy, that's a problem. If I'm reserved, I'm not clingy enough. I ask friends and they don't have any clue. I'm mildly attractive. I have a decent body. I've been told I have an awesome personality. I have a lot of friends and get a lot of attention from women when I go out. Some women DO want to date me, but it's only ones I'm not really feeling like that. Any exes always come back around trying to get back with me after they cheated, lied, or left me. So I obviously i am doing something right. I really think one of the biggest problems is my friend that I hangout with, he is a bit of a man whore, but I'm NOTHING like him. I do go out a lot, clubs and bars, but that's just because I know I won't find love sitting in front of my TV. Maybe some married women can help me. What is it that made you want to stay with your husband? How did you meet? What made you think "I'm not going anywhere, this one is mine."?


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  • he's not worth it, don't marry him.


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  • then better stop being friends with him if u consider him a man whore or sth 8)