Can we get more serious from a relationship that started off pretty casual and long distance?

Started off with long distance, caual relationship, we would just hook up when we would hang out, since I only saw him once of twice a month. We did go out on a few dates, he asked me out, when I was home for the holidays. Now Im back and we live about 10 minutes away. Is it possible to get more serious and how? Also another problem.. he's my best friends brother and Im currenly living with his sister, so when we do hangout she's always there too, so haven't gotten much alone time. I have started to get feelings for him and I do like him. So I do want us to progress since we can now spend more time etc and go away from casual. He told me that he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and that we hit it off when I asked him what he thinks of me. Please help:(


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  • yup... it can happen obvously... also if he's yer best friends bro, wouldn't b a problem actually... on the contrary :)


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  • It's hard to do.