He kept asking questions about my family. Why?

I went on a date the other day and it was really great. The guy and I had really good chemistry and he seemed to be attracted to me. At one point, he asked me if any of my friends had settled down already. I also noticed that he kept asking a lot of questions about my family, such as whether my parents were divorced, when they got divorced, if i still saw my dad, how my parents met, what my brother was doing (in terms of studying) etc. He's 10 years older than me which makes him 34.

Why would my date be asking me so many questions about my parents/family?


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  • He wants to know about where you come from that's a great thing! You should be happy!


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  • My guess, either he is getting a feel of what you want or he is keeping the conversation flowing by asking "safe" questions. No one likes an awkward silence


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  • He was trying to get to know you and your family.