Thoughs on distance acceptable for a first date or meeting with a new person?

and by distance don't mean how far would you travel to meet someone more mean how far would it be approiate to travel together for first date/meeting. like should location be very close to where each could easily get to or would a location a bit out of town be ok. i'm asking this cause i'd like to take this girl i meet at gym out somewhere and there is this popular and trendy restaurant on the water i like but its just outside of town in this small little town on the lake , its really nice and i think she'd enjoy it out there but its like 20 minutes away and wonder if thats too far to go when your just getting to know each other. i don't know i'm torn here i think its a great location to go but wonder if it should wait till like a couple dates down the road not the first one


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  • 20 minutes is not that much.

    • she also has her own car so I could suggest she drive out there to meet me if she was not ready to come with me in my car

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  • distance doesn't matter in my opinion... there r other methods like Skype as well... so...


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