Girls, shoul I ask her?

So there is this girl I've know for 3 months, and i have gotten to the point where i can't even study because im thinking about her. She treats me so nice, helps me out and cares for me, jokes with me, and talks to me a lot. I really wanna ask her out, but i'm afraid of losing a friendship, but i'm also afraid she's waiting for me to ask her and im not. Some signals confusing me are:

She always responds and talks, but never texts first
She holds eye contact while talking, but pupils dont dilate
She used to talk first, but for example today, she was with me in the cafeteria and kept looking down and texting, not even making an effort to talk after the initial 'hello!'

I have never crushed so hard on a girl before, and i really need all the help i can get. she's the first girl that i truly dont care about looks for, i love every personal aspect about her and we just click! I only have 2 weeks with her, so im desperate for guidance on what to do


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  • You should!


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  • Ask for coffee. Or say hey do you want to go out sometime? 😆 well if ya are great friends then she won't stop being friends with just for asking a question. Suck it up!!!

  • Of course you should ask her out!