Why is online dating such a disaster and heartbreaker?

What am I doing wrong? I have a good profile, great picture, over 500 views and winks, but that's it. I've followed all the avenues the site offered and still no luck. Met 2 guys, one is a workaholic the other was addicted to dating sites and couldn't tear himself away. What other ways can a good-looking, successful middle aged woman find decent men?


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  • You are not doing anything wrong. The guy who said that all the good men are taken by your age is wrong. A lot of people on those sites don't follow through, for all kinds of reasons. They might be married or with someone, then decide not to cheat, or they might lose their courage, or whatever. It is not you. I have friends who have tried online dating and they say it is just like any kind of dating... You have to meet a lot of people sometimes before you find anyone you like.

    So keep trying. Also, maybe you are not at the best site? Maybe you should try out other sites? Personally, I would prefer to meet someone offline. There are a lot of weird guys at online dating sites. There seem to be a lot of people at those sites who like the online aspect, but don't like getting off the computer. Also, like one of the guys you met, there are certainly people who are addicted to online sex/dating.

    If I were you, I would meet people at activities in real life instead. Have you ever heard of meetup.com? Check it out. People sign up to go to various clubs and events in their area (wine tasting, theater, movies, everything). Most people go alone and it is a great way to meet people. Or join a sports club or go on a travel tour for singles. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your insight. I agree the guy is totally out in left field or very young and immature. I also agree with the offline experience and will try your recommendations. Thanks again.


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  • Ah I am not sure why you are not getting right man ...i wish you good luck for that...more over I don't think you are doing any thing wrong might be peoples are bussy much because market not up yet and everybody is trying best to put extra few minutes to his/her respected job.

  • By that age, all the catches tend to be caught already.


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  • Because sadly internet dating gives you a false impression of people. You only see the shiny side of the coin so to speak. Have you thought about perhaps volunteering for something you're really interested in? Like maybe joining a community garden project or something? You can guarantee someone who's dedicated to devoting their time to others is probably gonna be a good person to know!

    I prefer to meet people offline, although like someone else said maybe you aren't using the right site..have you tried joining an agency that tailors for a specific interest of yours? For example you're into horse riding..google horse riding dating and bingo! Plenty of sites to choose from..

    Hope you get lucky lady x

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your input and agree with it all.