I told my friend I liked him more than just friends and I dont know what to do?

Last week i slept with one of my close friends after a lot of alcohol. I shouldn't have done it because I've liked him more than a friend for a long time and he only just wants to be friends. Yesterday i got really drunk after a bad date i had and stupidly told him how i can't just be his friend anymore and i liked him more than he ould know. I told him that sex has changed things for me and that i can't get over him if i see him everyday, especially on fb. He told me to stop being daft and to not turn things but he sounded completely shocked, like he had no idea how i feel about him all this time. After not getting the response i wanted and i expected, i deleted him off fb. Today i feel terrible because I've lost a friend but I've never been able to stop thinking about him, i get butterflies whenever i see him. He stopped responding but said he would call me today, i know he won't and i dont think i even want him to because it won't help. Have i done a stupid thing by telling him I've always liked him? And was it worth losing my friend? is this the best way to get over him?


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  • No, you did the right thing and deep down you know you did as well. You just feel like it was the wrong thing to do because you didn't get the response you were hoping for.


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  • It was worth telling him, you can't sit there wondering if he shares you feelings. I was in the same position that he is, my best friend (girl) asked me and it terrified me because I did but I didn't know how she would respond and I didn't want to lose her. What I am trying to say is that at least you had the guts to ask him and now you know.

    Move on from there and try to be friends again. If he is a true friend he will try to go back to being friends again.

  • He said he would call you today. Why you are sure that he would not call you and would change his idea? Wait for a more time, and if he does not call you, then get over him.


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