Why women look taller and "bigger" on the photos of dating site than in the real life?

Okay, first I want to clarify that this is not my question. I am in a relationship, and this is for one of my friends who is on a dating site.

He told me that "I find many women look bigger on photos than their real height; you see, I thought she is around 5'8", but actually she is just 5'6", and this is just an example". And looked through some pages which he is using, and find he is sort of right, that I also overestimated girls' height for many times.

Why this happens?


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  • Everyone looks different IRL. Like us tall people, it's hard to take pix lol. Short guys can fit their entire body in a snapshot, we have to be in a distance b/c we're tall


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  • I think that goes for everyone haha people tell me wow I didn't think you would be 5'5 you look taller in photos


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  • Do not most dating sites have height in the profile - I don't know I presume it is same for everyone in all photographs

    • Yeah, I mean my friend looked their photos at first and then when he looked through their profiles, he found he always overestimated their height.