Girls, What are signs a girl is waiting to be asked out offline and online?


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  • flirting with you!

    • in what way i mean more online I met her on a online dating site, she accepted me on facebook and we talk every two days or so?


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  • I met a guy online and I've met him in real life also, but would like him to ask me out this weekend too, but he seems busy so not sure. Point is I'm flirting with him a lot.

    • She talks to me a lot on facebook and we met on a online dating site are these good signs I mean why would you add someone from a dating site on fb if you weren't intrested?

    • The Facebook thing I think its a bit intrusive and I've already answered a previous question on that, which I think is yours. But it doesn't sound bad either. Have you been out with her before?

  • if you're going to make the move then make the move. why wait for signals, if she's interested then pounce!

    • I asked her but she said she wasn't looking for nothing at the moment which isn't a no is it she may be moving so i think that is why i got that reply.

    • yeah so it's not that she doesn't like you, she probably doesn't want to jump into anything right now.

    • Oh okay thanks that makes sense I mean she still is talking to me

  • spends time with you

    • What you mean chating online?

    • like makes an effort to put you in her day. talks to you all day or hangs out.