Girls, am I worrying for nothing?

I had recently met a girl who I really like and she knows because she asked me I do think she likes me were always texting an flirting she is kind of shy but she asked me out on a double date with her sister because it made her more comfortable she was happy when I picked we up an the whole night even though we never got eat due to geting caught in traffic and all the placers were closed she said she would reschudual if I would come I told her of corse now these past two days she's been distant just a few text here and there for some one who was so happy the night before (her sister told me she couldn't wait to see me that night so ik now she wasn't faking) should I worry or wait it out which is what I want to do anyway?


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  • Just give her some time. She may really be developing feelings and that can be a little scary. I would text her and ask if everything is okay and if you when you can see her next. Let her take it from there :-)

  • She is probably worrying too. I believe you are, i would suggest mentioning to her that you really like her and want to hang out more with her. Girls like it when guys notice things, and worry about them.

    • It's odd that she hasn't respond in like 12 hours but should I Dexter asking if she ok or how should I go about this