Am I being too cold towards him, will it make him lose interest?

I feel like I might ruin what we have because I'm not that romantic and affectionate. I used to do one night stands but I realized that I don't want that anymore at all. I have met a great guy, he's bought me a present, paid dinner, invited me to hang with his friend and have a really good time during the past weeks. Everything is great but I'm not as romantic as he is. Deep down I am but I have been cheated on a couple of times by the same guy and that the way I look at relationships. This new guy has told his friends how much he likes me and it makes me sad how I wish I could be better but I'm very scared. I feel suspicious towards him for no reason at all. Do you think he is noticing my behaviour? I don't text him much either but whenever I do he starts texting a lot, he thinks I barley text him. He's been a little distant lately. I am interested but I'm just having a hard time coping with a really great guy after being treated like sh*t. What can I do?


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  • oh well... suspicious y?

    anyway, he's not the same person wid the former guy... so...


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  • I think he has noticed and believes you're not interested. Before getting into a relationship, I would suggest that you settle any baggage from your past before pursuing further. Otherwise, something like what's happening to you will continue to happen.

    I think you should take a risk and go out with this guy if he is great.